Friday, September 24, 2010

AIRBAG - Is it for your safety? - Part 1

Hello All, more than a year i have not update this blog.. sorry for that.. to busy with other thing... Today i have some time and have an urge to update it.. hee.. hee.. hee.. don't know why...

Well back to the subject, Airbag has been promoted to save your life in car crash?. IS IT RIGHT???.... Many thing has been said but we need to understand the fundamental of it......

Let's explore and see....

Facts :

1. Almost all cars today from small car to large luxury cars have airbag. It is a norm now!. Car without airbag is not attractive to the market anymore.
2. Airbag come in different shape and size - Driver, Passenger, Side, Curtain, Rear, even foot airbag.
3. Standard now is 2 airbag system - Driver and Passenger, others is currently options but will become standard in the future.
4. People believe that airbag will safe their life in car crash.
5. Most of people was not properly informed on how to use the airbag.
6. Most people don't even concern how the airbag work or their car has airbag.. Just turn on the key and drive....

Fundamentals :

1. What is airbag ?
Basically, airbag is just a balloon. Like the normal balloon, which kid is playing only the material is different. When it exploded (open), it will be filled with gas and expanded like we blow into the balloon. Only different is that.. this process happened in a blink of an eye (split second)... very fast for our eyes to see.. what we see after it was opened is that a piece of depleted cloth on top on the steering wheel...

2. What is its main function?
It is for cushioning our body parts during car crash, similar like balloon can be use to cushion our hand or leg if we want to..

3. What does it involved?
In typical airbag system, the following items are required:
a. sensor - to detect the crash event.
b. Electronic control unit (ECU) - the brain of the system to process the information from sensor and decide whether the airbag should fire or not.
c. The airbag it self - to provide balloon to cushion us.
d. Others are the interconnecting parts like wire harness, clock spring, etc.

4. How does it work?
It started when there is a crash. The sensor will detect the crash even and send the signal to the ECU. The ECU will check the signal and decide whether it should ask the airbag unit to fire / open or not. It depend on the severity of the crash. For the non severe crash, the airbag will not open. It will only open for severe crash.

Back to the original question - IS IT FOR YOUR SAFETY?

In general terms, yes, airbag is an effective way to reduce the injury in the crash and safe life compared to without airbag. A lot of study has prove this. But airbag itself can be very dangerous and it must be use correctly. Like other tools we use in our daily life, if use correctly it can save life. This is similar to we use a knife in our kitchen.. Use it wisely, very useful... help us in our daily cooking... use it wrongly, it can kill people.

This is what I think most people are not aware of.. especially lady drivers and childrens..... The key fundamental in safe airbag usage are : 1. USE YOUR SEATBELT (BUCKLE UP!!!). 2. KEEP SOME DISTANCE FROM THE AIRBAG (i.e. steering wheel for driver airbag and dashboard for passenger airbag).

Why i said more on the lady drives is because lady drivers like to sit close to steering wheel. May be they feel more comfortable this way or they want to see the road more... don't know... may be ladies can answer this....

Man, normally due to their longer leg and bigger size tend to sit further. But if some man sit close to the airbag, change your habits...

As a general rule, use of seat belt is a must and keep your chest at least 10 inches from the steering wheel

I will explain why and get more technical, in my part 2....

See you all later....


See this video.........

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